Warren Buffett Secretly Makes Big Money from Crypto! Found out!

Warren Buffett Secretly Makes Big Money from Crypto! Found out!

Who would have thought, Warren Buffett, the legendary investor who is known to be skeptical of crypto, is secretly making big profits from this digital asset!

It was recently revealed that Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett's investment company, has made huge profits from its investment in Nubank, a Brazilian digital bank that offers crypto-related services.

Fantastic Profits

Based on Berkshire Hathaway's financial report, this company has made a profit of IDR 3.9 trillion from its investment in Nubank. This profit comes from an increase in Nubank's share price of 106% since Berkshire Hathaway invested in the company in 2021.

Contrary to previous statements

This advantage is of course contrary to Buffett's previous statements, which often criticized crypto and called it "rat poison". This certainly raises the question, is Buffett starting to change his mind about crypto?

Could Buffett Be Getting Interested in Crypto?

Although there has been no official statement from Buffett regarding this profit, some analysts believe that this is a signal that Buffett is starting to become interested in crypto.

"These gains suggest that Berkshire Hathaway is starting to see the potential of crypto and may start considering investing in these digital assets directly," said one analyst.

Will Buffett Change His Views on Crypto?

Only time will tell whether Buffett will change his views on crypto. However, this fantastic profit from Nubank is certainly a positive signal for the crypto industry and shows that big investors are starting to look at this digital asset.

What do you think? Will Buffett start investing in crypto directly?

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